Ismayil 16.02.2024 9:43:31
Hi. How can I find the sheet music of the Promotion piece from the Emperor of Paris? Surfed the net and serched a lot but did not mamage to. I d like my daughter to play this piece for me on the piano. Thanks for assistance in advance.
Petr Kocanda 18.07.2019 12:03:45
If there is anything you miss here, don´t hesitate to comment :)
Petr Kocanda 02.02.2018 13:34:48
Feel free to discuss anything that relates to the subject of this website... I am not that eager to "censor" anything unless it's an obvious spam. On the other hand something that doesn't really relate might be better discussed somewhere else where you may get more relevant response from people more oriented to discuss that topic.
jamesolive 02.02.2018 13:17:38
I am new to this site and need to know what i can post and discuss here. can i have talk on animation and blogs related to it. Thanks
The Thing complete score 01.07.2016 14:20:13
Hi there, with much joy I read this: But unfortunately none of the links is working. :( Where can I get these CDs? Thanks! Peter
Brittany 17.08.2015 11:44:35
The score for The Giver is moving. "Accelerated training" and "First Memory" are so beautiful and emotional. Than you.
Bill Boston contact info? 01.01.2015 18:49:33
Hello, I'm a Jacksonville FL composer interested in the work of Bill Boston whom I met a number of years ago at Jacksonville University. Is there an email address through which I might be able to contact Bill? Thanks, Joe Williams
Elisa Freitas Machado 19.04.2013 22:25:34
Hi Marco Beltrami, I would like to have your permission to choreographe your compositions to the film DINA - 2002. Thank you!Elisa -
Jonthony 14.01.2013 5:10:57
I'm a fan of Marco Beltrami (Tunnel Chase is my favorite track). However, I would like to inform you that Marco Beltrami is not presently active on and we need to fix it.
Cinemedia Promotions 16.10.2012 21:07:31
The Sessions Soundtrack, with music by Academy Award® Nominee Marco Beltrami, will be available October 23, 2012.
Jules b parent 03.09.2012 23:31:06
Please make your complete OST for the movie The Invisible available. You would make your oldest fan very happy.I have enjoyed your work for years.
miguel vidal 06.04.2012 22:42:31
hi, i am miguel from chile, your music marco is amazing, but i have a question...where can i find the scores completes of your works?? puntually, the woman in black, thank you and good energy
Simon Daniels 28.01.2012 12:28:40
Adore your work ! You have an emotional intelligence which is rare ! I want to work with you one day : )
Loren 14.12.2011 0:20:29
Hi pal could you please tell me where to find COMPLETE THE THING? Thank for reply Loren
Jadama 11.12.2011 17:49:53
Hey Marco are you ever going to release your score of Resident Evil? It's been 10 years. I'd like to admire and appreciate the wonderful music you wrote alongside with others but there is none. I don't want this gem of score to be forgotten so please find it and let hear it again!
Petr Kocanda 08.11.2011 21:21:15
Funny stuff... Well, thanks to some guys who considered this site being that good to be on the level of the official one. You guys really made my day! More at this FSM board topic:
Petr Kocanda 14.08.2011 14:34:14
Audio page link corrected. Thanks!
eyebone 14.08.2011 11:32:17
On your audio samples page, the samples for the Altar Boys movie seems to be messed up. I can download 'The Couch' but not the other two. By the way, I love the site. Lots of good stuff here :)
cuckoo77 21.06.2011 20:22:18
Great site. Been visiting for quite awhile now. Keep it up!
Petr Kocanda 31.01.2011 17:13:30
Hi Nicole, unfortunately The Concert piece is full piece of music as it was composed for the movie´s ending scene. It would be great if it was part of a longer piece as it is an amazing cue...
nicole 27.01.2011 22:59:04
I can only find under 2 minutes of "the concert", where can I find the whole piece? I love the part I can hearand want to hear more. I feel like I just get the end.
Petr Kocanda 02.08.2010 8:25:14
Welcome to the new Guestbook. Feel free to post any comments or updates related to the subject. Thank you for visiting! :)
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