JOHN DI PETRILLO 15.09.2017 9:47:30
Hopefuly Patrick's new score for Orient Express will give a nod and rousing new performance of Richard Rodney Bennett original theme
Ashfae 03.01.2016 23:56:11
I'm just wondering if there's any word as to if Mr. Doyle's music for The Winter's Tale will be released for purchase? I just saw the play and it was *wonderful*, and I particularly loved the music. I wish I could get ahold of it. It's going to haunt my dreams.
Amy 05.08.2015 21:43:03
Mr. Patrick Doyle sir ~ Forgive me for intruding ~ It's driving me mad trying to get to the bottom of a silly debate but as a serious film track lover, especially of choral or classical theme, I just had to clarify something with you personally! The song "Kissing in the Rain" from Great Expectations was also heard, (possibly a different version or different female vocals) on the intro portion of BBC 1999 David Copperfield film series. Not sure if it's played at the start on the DVD version or if it can only be heard when watching on TV (which I cannot find anywhere online anyways). Did you sell the rights to this song to those who made David Copperfield or to BBC to use when airing it? Or perhaps it was a different BBC film that I'm thinking of - Pride & Prejudice...??? Your response is greatly appreciated! Blessings to You & Yours, Amy in Oregon
Petr Kocanda 25.11.2011 21:08:14
Welcome to the new guestbook and Patrick Doyle website. Feel free to post any comments related to the Patrick Doyle's music here. Thank you very much for visiting.
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