Robert Crisp 14.03.2019 11:01:15
- That Good Night - My Mum, Marguerite Crisp (the wife of NJ Crisp), died in January. I wrote this poem for her funeral with your soundtrack: Thank you. Robert Crisp
Tony Dee 04.07.2016 3:21:57
Hi Guy, Tony Dee here looking forward to coming back snd seeing you soon around the launch of you know what... Have sent you an FB request too.
Michael 31.03.2016 20:16:12
Why is it so difficult to find the score to Mother Teresa on CD, or even ITunes? It is a beautiful score, which I would love to own.
Loukas 03.03.2016 19:12:34
Hi, I am a new Film Director. I did my 1st 8min short Film "Nunc Vitae" I would like to ask if it is possible to use a couple of seconds in the incredible song "Ave Maria" in the intro titles and title end. I love this song like any other. I am planing to send my short film in some festivals in USA and London.
MG 13.10.2015 0:29:34
BRAVO. Magnificent soundtrack. Is it available on cd.
Philipp Hesse 09.03.2015 21:43:50
I thank Guy Farley today for his soundtrack to "Wake of death" . The composer is a very great and underrated artist ... keep it up ...
Petr Kocanda 17.02.2015 18:52:35
Dear Tracy, MADRE TERESA is indeed very difficult to find these days and probably the only chance is hoping for a reissue. On the other hand MARIA wasn't released yet and should be (hopefully) finally available this year... As soon as there is more specific date confirmed, it will be announced on the main page as well.
Tracy Castle 01.01.2015 20:00:30
Hi Guy, Absolutely love your music but some of it is so difficult to get hold of on CD. Have you any idea if "Madre Teresa" and "Mary of Nazareth" will ever be available please? Best wishes.
Petr Kocanda 11.02.2014 9:05:26
A record company is working on the soundtrack-release of MARY OF NAZARETH and awaiting the signature of the Italian producers to be able to proceed and send the CD to the pressing-plant. As of now, a definite release-date can not be given yet.
Anthony Ryan 01.02.2014 6:12:27
Dear Guy, I am the Marketing Director for Ignatius Press in the USA. We are doing screenings of MARY OF NAZARETH around the country. Gorgeous soundtrack. People want to buy the soundtrack. When will it be released on CD, and how can we get it in the USA? We are also releasing the original full-length 177 min film version of MOTHER TERESA. Another lovely soundtrack.Let us know about MARY. Thanks much. Anthony Ryan
Petr Kocanda 31.12.2013 22:52:17
Hi, you can listen and download the music clips from various commercials, songs, etc through the other projects page available through audio section.
Mark glazebrook 21.12.2013 9:49:53
My wife loves the music from the M&S tv ad and would like to be able to download it to her phone. Is this possible? Thanks in advance mark
A. Beeching 15.12.2013 15:47:56
Dear Guy, Very taken with your music, particularly the waltz for M & S. Subtle orchestration. Should you ever want a bespoke illustration for your site or indeed anything else, don't hesitate to contact me at Thanks, A
Sophie 24.11.2013 13:56:54
hello, nice to meet you.I saw Cashback and Modigliani, I like your music. I am a violinist and misicologist. really interest your music. If I can i want to join your music world by playing.:)
Jon 26.04.2013 20:13:23
Is there any way you can share the Irish Jam soundtrack with me? I have been looking for this soundtrack for years with no luck. Thanks!
Scott McGregor 31.08.2012 19:55:43
Hi I am from oxford and learning piano, I enjoy your music very much and was wondering if you had any sheet music or could share the chords for your rendition of where is my mind by the pixies? Anyway thank you for taking your time to read this Cheers Scott McGregor
Edvard 22.02.2012 2:40:05
Hello guys, I am here again to ask if some music for "House of 9" is available? I can not find it anywhere! Thank you for your time and consideration!
Raul Marti 05.02.2012 14:52:35
Mark 15.01.2012 22:28:54
Is the sheet music to the Sunday Girl arrangement of Where Is My Mind available anywhere to purchase?
Marco Vittoria 13.01.2012 15:24:42
hi guy are you the one who worked with Duran Duran for string arrangements on their album Astronaut? If you are might you kindly write me some lines about that experience that may be used freely? Many thanks Marco
Petr Kocanda 26.11.2011 12:21:25
Thanks for all the comments. Some recent news were just posted including planned release of Time for Holiday advert music including its brand new version currently awaiting its release. More news re Modigliani sheet music also finally available and requested House of Nine clip(s) are coming soon.
Phil Hoyles 13.11.2011 19:38:49
Love the new Thompson ad. The music really needs to get a release! I host a show on The Wave in Wales... Would love to play it. @phil_ hoyles
Edvard 10.11.2011 13:07:16
Hello brothers and sisters! Well, I would be grateful if someone could provide with more information about House Of 9 by Guy Farley, I just cant find it anywhere! I need that musikk! Thanks!
Greg 22.10.2011 4:32:53
i have to have the Sasha Lazard version of My Reason, from the end credits. Where can it be purchased? Help!
Tim 29.08.2011 8:56:24
I'd love to see more tracks for Irish Jam posted on here for download. That score is so beautiful and needs to see the light of day. Let's make this happen! I don't even care if it's for sale. I'd gladly buy it. :)
Irine Kasyanova 05.08.2011 21:58:35
Modigliani is very sad movie,but yet what a beutiful movie and love story.The music from this move in my head every day.That kind of music you can not forget. Thank you.Were can i find music sheet from Modigliani suite? My daughter plays violi and i would like her to play this pease.
Irine Kasyanova 05.08.2011 21:58:34
Modigliani is very sad movie,but yet what a beutiful movie and love story.The music from this move in my head every day.That kind of music you can not forget. Thank you.Were can i find music sheet from Modigliani suite? My daughter plays violi and i would like her to play this pease.
freja 15.02.2011 0:59:52
Guy Farley is a real prince, indeed. And so are you :)
Petr Kocanda 29.01.2011 12:33:38
Actually it was Guy Farley himself, who provided the music and again showed his generosity with us, his fans :)
freja 24.01.2011 2:32:58
You are a god, Petr! :)
Petr Kocanda 19.12.2010 13:45:38
Hi, Irish Jam has never been released on CD or iTunes. There is still chance it might happen eventually though...
Charlie Arbaugh 29.11.2010 2:11:16
I am interested in purchasing a copy of the soundtrack from Irish Jam. Could not find it in iTunes. Has the Irisn Jam soundtrack been organized into an album? Are there any conditions by which I might download the music into an MP3 format?
freja 21.11.2010 3:03:32
Hi. Could you please add in your Audio section the track "Shopping" from the movie "Sorted"? I love that movie, and "Shopping" is one of my favorite tracks. It would be wonderful if you can do it. Thank you.
Riba 30.08.2010 19:14:18
Hi, I'd die to have the piano sheets. Where I can get them, buy them, learn them?
Ghalib 16.08.2010 8:17:57
I'd be in heaven if you could get some more tracks from L'amore e la Guerra." Also, is there a way to contact Farley for an editorial? We feature composers and would love to set up an interview.
Linus 15.08.2010 14:26:41
Hi Madam/Sir, I am looking for this promo CD "L´Amore e la Guerra". May I know any opportunity to get a copy for this? Thank you. All the best, Linus
Petr Kocanda 02.07.2010 22:55:19
POST IMPACT sample(s) coming very soon. :-)
Justin Boggan 31.05.2010 9:24:16
Maybe you can talk Mr. Farley into a request -- put up the last cue, before the end credits, from "Post Impact" (2004). Very nice piece.
champagnat 23.04.2010 19:43:54
Film : Modigliani Musique : Ode to Innocence Objet : recherche d'une version instrumentale et des paroles. Bonjour, Je suis enseigante en éducation musicale et cette année les élèves des ateliers chant, théâtre, arts plastiques et danse travaillent sur les peintre et l'art. Au cours de différents travaux nous avons abordé les oeuvres de Modigliani et étudiés certains extraits du film et les élèves désirent interpréter "Ode to Innocence". Nous avons recherché sur tous les sites à la fois les paroles, les partitions et une version instrumentale de ce chant mais sans succès. C'est pourquoi je me permets de vous solliciter car vous êtes mon dernier espoir pour pouvoir les trouver. Cette requête est importante pour moi car ces élèves d'un collège en zone sensible demandeurs de chanter un Ave Maria, je trouve que c'est la plus belle ouverture aux arts et à la culture. Dans l'espoir de recevoir une réponse positive de votre part et vous remerciant d'avance de votre compréhension je vous prie de recvoir mes salutations distinguées. L. CHAMPAGNAT
Larry 25.11.2009 20:11:52
Will sheet music be available in the future for the Cashback soundtrack? Thanks, Larry
Petr Kocanda 02.11.2009 20:22:58
Hi, MODIGLIANI is quite difficult to find these days but the best way to get it is to watch from time to time on ebay when it appears quite regularly. I got japanese edition for about 60 bucks. It's still quite far from a decent price but still much better than those 250 bucks someone asks for it, which is quite insane. ------- Re more Tsotsi, I think we could rotate samples from some of the scores included but there is always chance any score might get released and it would be too bad to spoil that chance. We'll see.. :)
trebor 31.10.2009 18:29:06
Hello. Can anyone tell where I can find the full soundtrack from Modigliani? For a 'normal price' I mean, because I saw it on Amazon for 250 dollars!! That's a bit expensive, don't you think? Thanks.
Adriaan 26.09.2009 0:06:02
Thanks for posting the Tsotsi samples! Perhaps I sound like a spoiled person, but could you upload more? I really love his music! Its different than the original music, but very impressive! In advance thank you so much!
Adrian 16.08.2009 18:21:34
Wicked, thanks! I can't wait :D I really loved Mark Kilian and Paul Hepker's music... I'm so curious what Guy Farley made of it! Good news about Book of Blood :)
Petr Kocanda 15.08.2009 12:30:33
The samples from TSOTSI will be available, hopefully soon :) Also the first from this year's releases of Guy Farley's music has been just announced by La La Land Records: BOOK OF BLOOD will be available this September as limited edition of 1500 copies. I will update the index page soon and add more details as soon as they are available :)
Adrian 22.07.2009 12:37:28
I saw an entry for the promo score of Tostsi was added some time ago... How did you obtain this information and is there a way to get the music? Is there also any chance to hear some audio samples? Nice site btw :) thanks, Adrian
Petr Kocanda 10.06.2009 20:15:52
Also the incorrect link on the audio page has been corrected. Thanks for the info. If anyone finds similar error, please let me know.
Petr Kocanda 10.06.2009 20:14:01
Re Modigliani: Probably the only way to get the CD these days is by watching ebay, when it appears from time to time. Re The Broken and Book of Blood complete scores: I have access only to selected cues from individual scores, which still might get their official releases sooner of later. Book of Blood is still awaiting its release in theatres worldwide, so only time will tell if the score will be available at that time (it might). The Broken is a different situation, unfortunately more clips is not only impossible (as the score could get released some time later and I wouldn't want to blow the chances) but also not available at this time. I'd also love to have last two or three pieces from the movie beginning with the flashback scene at the end of the movie. :)
boogie 28.05.2009 21:37:32
Since the contact form on the "Audio" page doesn't work I post it here: Is it possible to add the complete scores for The Broken and Books of Blood? Tanks in advance.
Wendy Luck 23.05.2009 17:07:14
Hi, I'm trying to find the sheet music for 'My Reason' from Modigliani - can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks :)
ladywolfe 30.03.2009 7:10:08
looking for the soundtrack and movie of modigiani
Petr Kocanda 23.12.2008 13:41:38
KNIFE EDGE trailer
Petr Kocanda 08.12.2008 10:59:24
Hi Linus, unfortunatelly Madre Teresa seems to be just impossible to find. I am also looking for a copy and checking regularly on ebay but haven´t seen it there yet (i have been checking for about a year now). It´s great score that would deserve to be reissued :(
Linus Lin 02.12.2008 10:32:52
I want to buy the TV soundtrack of "Madre Teresa". Where can I buy it? Please help.
Petr Kocanda 12.11.2008 21:27:29
Very interesting interview with director Sean Ellis about THE BROKEN (including numerous clips from the movie) is available here:
Petr Kocanda 19.10.2008 9:04:47
Welcome to the new guestbook of this website. Feel free to tell me what you think about it, suggest how to make it better, post request of particular samples from the projects or questions for the composer. All comments will be certainly appreciated and hopefully will help to make this website more representative. Thank you for all your feedbacks.
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