Tony Fyffe 7.3.2011 21:25:45
I have been a fan of John Morris since I was a kid and fell in love with "Young Frankenstein. I wish his scores for that film as well as "Silent Movie" and "High Anxiety" would get released on CD. Thanks for the great Web site!!!!
Robert Feigenblatt 4.3.2011 4:29:14
John Morris is a wonderful film composer who scores comedies with a deft hand.
Petr Kocanda 25.1.2011 20:15:50
According to La La Land Records, John Morris' score for CLUE should get finally released next Tuesday at 1 PM PST. See you on Feb 1st!
Petr Kocanda 31.12.2010 23:38:17
Welcome to the Guestbook of this brand new site. Feel free to post any comments related to Mr. Morris and his music. Thank you very much for visiting. :)
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