dingle yandell 6.12.2018 9:48:19
Hi Theodore, I was particularly moved by 'NY Heart GB' from Ghostbusters. It trounced the visuals at that moment in the film and felt too good for the film. A gorgeous cue that deserved a longer cut and reuse with variation. loved it.
Sandy 4.2.2017 6:12:39
Just heard your music on Trumbo, and I loved how interesting and cacaphonic it was at times. You really captured the Bebop edge of the times, the emotion of the film, the struggles, the inner turmoil, the pain and suffering of the people black listed and their families. Brilliant work! I look forward to catching up on pieces I did not know were written my you! Best wishes from Ithaca, NY!
Brian 4.12.2016 4:57:53
Mr Shapiro; I am comsumed, blown away by the piano theme in Trumbo. I've only heard clips on ITunes. Is there a complete version of this piano theme? It is brillant with the orchestra behind it. It sounds like an unfinished symphony.
A. E. Brumleu 11.8.2016 21:01:00
As a budding composer, I was loved your ghostbusters score. Just wanted to tell you I loved in my mind your variations on the main theme hinted throughout the score. If you ever have time for a quick video call it would help me in my learning.
Lalo Lloyd 20.5.2016 18:13:03
Just discovered your work! Love your ideas... very melodic and thoughtful! I can see the Hans Zimmer influence... great work my friend. Wish I had a mentor like you. Be blessed.
David 16.12.2015 11:13:02
Late for everything is just awesome! Please consider to make a longer version...:-) Cheers from Jakarta. David
Connor 5.8.2015 5:30:33
I have searched the internet in its entirety and cannot find the track "backwards from three" from the Wet Hot American Summer Soundtrack anywhere. I really do love the melody, and I was hoping you would email to me whatever track does exist of it. Thank you!
Petr Kocanda 8.2.2015 22:06:29
Welcome to the Guestbook. Hope you'll enjoy!
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